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Zihnet Selimbašić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born on 1959. in Pauč, Kladanj. He has completed Medical Faculty in Tuzla in the year 1986, and Professional exam in neuropsychiatry in 1995. He got title of Primarius in 2003. Education in Child and Adolescent Trauma Psychology and Psychiatry completed at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA during 1995. Training in "Trauma and Human Development" in collaboration with the Harvard Public School, University of Rijeka and Sarajevo University in 1997. He has completed his Training in Post-traumatic Therapy, in collaboration with UNICEF, in 1998. Education in Supervision methods for the clinical supervision, in cooperation with Division of Clinical Neorosience and Psychiatry, Gothenburg, Sweden has completed in 2000. He became Group analyst since 2012. He participated in psychosocial programs "Helping children and adults injured in the war and after the war" since 1994. til 2004. As well as " Experiences Exchanging helper/therapist Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany" from 1999. til 2001. He is member of Association of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Psychiatric Association of Tuzla Canton, Canton Medical Chamber and the European Association of Psychiatrists. Postgraduate study program "Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology" graduated in 2002. Master's thesis, "Psychosocial Problems in Children of Parents with Post-traumatic Disorder" defended on 23.05.2005. at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Sarajevo. PhD dissertation "Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Children of War Veterans, with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder" defended on 05.02.2011. at Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla. From 2004 til 2006. he was Assistant at intersection "Psychology communications". Since 2006. he become Senior Assistant at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla, intersection "Psychiatry with Medical Psychology." Since 2009. he is the Head of the Daily Care Hospital Department of Clinic for Psychiatry, Clinical Center Tuzla. Since 2011. he is promoted as Asistant professor at "Psychiatry with Medical Psychollogy".