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Milutin Nenadović


Born on 14.07.1949. in Bogoštica, the municipality of Krupanj

Completed high school in Sabac, Faculty of Medicine, specialization and scientific positions gained at the University of Belgrade.

Employed as a professor at the Medical University of Pristina based in Kosovska Mitrovica

Father of four children.

Work experience

• Director of the Special Hospital for mental disorders "Dr. Laza Lazarevic", Belgrade 2009 –
• Director of the Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth, Belgrade, 1999-2001.
• Director of the Institute of Substance Abuse, Belgrade 1993-1996.
• Head of the Hospital for Cerebrovascular Diseases "St. Sava", Belgrade, 1986-1993.
• Head of the Department of Emergency Psychiatry of Neuropsychiatric Clinic, Faculty in Kragujevac to 1986.

Professional biography, diplomas, degrees

• School of Medicine of University of Belgrade completed in 1974
• Examination of the neuropsychiatry passed at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade in 1983
• sub-specialist examination in the field of neurophysiology and epileptology passed at the same university in 1985
• Title of Primarius gained in 1987
• PhD thesis entitled "Cognitive dysfunction in alcoholics and non- alcoholics with stroke" defended in 1993. years and earned his doctoral degree.

Scientific and professional publications – author/co-author

• 14 papers published in journals indexed in Current Contents (CC) or Science Citation Index (SCI)
• 11 papers indexed in Medline
• He has published 56 papers in general, which are not indexed in the CC, SCI and Medline, the largest part in the national ranking journals
• 14 papers published in whole in corpuses of international and national scientific meetings
• 35 statements in corpuses of international scientific and professional meetings
• 115 statements in corpuses of national scientific and professional meetings
• 245 papers published in the whole
• Author of eight reviewed books in consent with the teasching and scientific council of the faculty
• Author of chapters in two university books of scientific psychiatry
• Author of chapters of 8 professional monographs and books
• He has given many lectures in the country and abroad as an invited lecturer
• As President of the Scientific or Organizing Committee he organized 4 Scientific Congresses and 5 symposia
• He managed 6 scientific and professional projects and participated in a larger number of them
• He has won several awards
• He was a mentor in 7 PhD dissertations and in a large number of master theses
• He was more than 30 times a president or a member of commission for the defense of doctoral dissertations, master thesis and specialist exams.