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Vlado Jukić


Born in 1951 in Posušje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. He graduated from School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, in 1976, and passed his psychiatry residency exam in 1982. He completed postgraduate study in forensic psychiatry, and education in marriage and family psychotherapy, as well as education in a number of different areas of psychiatry. He subspecialized in forensic and social psychiatry. He is a professor at the School of Medicine in Zagreb and at the School of Medicine in Mostar. At the Zagreb School of Law, social works studies, he teaches social psychiatry and social works, and addictions. He is a lecturer in a number of postgraduate classes, and also teaches different postgraduate courses. He presented at many national and international conferences, organized a number of different professional conferences, symposia, and congresses. His special areas of interest are clinical, social and forensic psychiatry, psychotraumatology, organization of psychiatric services, ethics in psychiatry. He published around 200 professional and scientific papers, and he is an editor and co-author of 11 books.

He worked for 8 years in Neuropsychiatric Hospital "Dr. Ivan Barbot" Popovača (1979 - 1986) and for 8 years at the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Center Zagreb (1986 - 1994), and for the last 18 years (since 1994) he is the Director of the Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče in Zagreb. During his mandate "Vrapče" achieved the status of a university hospital in 2010 and officially became University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče.

He is the President of the Croatian Psychiatric Association and Croatian Society for Forensic Psychiatry of the Croatian Medical Association. He appears often in many public forums and in media, helping to popularize psychiatry and promote destigmatization of people with mental disorders and psychiatry as a profession. For his work he received a number of awards, and is the recipient of a national honor and the City of Zagreb Award.