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Rachid Bennegadi

Rachid Bennegadi, M.D, Chair of the Transcultural Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA-TPS), Director of the Research and Teaching Pole at Minkowska Centre, a medico-psycho-social centre for migrants and refugees in and around the Parisian area.  He has a long experience in the paradigm of migration and mental health. 

Former president of the Migration and Health Association, psychiatrist and anthropologist, he worked on a research project on “Culture and Personality” at the Institute of Personality, Assessment and Research (IPAR) at UC Berkeley on a Fulbright Senior Grant. 

He is Teaching Director of the University Diploma “Health, Care, Illness and Cultures” with the Paris V University Rene Descartes. He is the co-editor in chief of the new clinical medical anthropology review produced by Minkowska Centre “Transfaire et Culture”.  He is also the Editor in chief of the French version of the World Psychiatry Journal. He and his team have developed many multi-media tools concerning cultural training and cultural competence. They also produced a background paper for the European Community and IOM on “Cultural Competence and training in mental health practice in Europe: Strategies to implement competence and empower practitioners.”
He is the Chair of the Euromed Network on migration and mental health and Chair of the Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry Section of the World Association for Social Psychiatry (WASP).

Honorary Member of the WPA
Chair of the Transcultural Section of the WPA
Chair of the "Medical Anthropology and Psychiatry" Section of the W.A.S.P
Director of the Teaching, Studies and Research Department, Minkowska Centre, Paris, France
Co-editor in Chief of the Journal "TranSfaire et Cultures"

Editor in chief of the French Version of the W.P. Journal