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Goran Račetović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Psychiatrist, born 1964 in Belgrade (Serbia), studied on the School of Medicine in Tuzla and Belgrade, specialized in psychiatry in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in 2007.

Currently is the Head of the Community Mental Health Center in the Public Health Center in City of Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), from 2007. Since 2007 attended on all relevant national and regional professional meetings (eg Member of the Organizing Committees of the Psychiatric Days, 2010-2011, and Congress Committee Secretry General, 2012 in B&H) and also many major international psychiatric events.

He has very active role in the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) as one of Secretaries General (since 2008), particulary in the field on wider international promotion of the PABH (Voting delegate from PABH on the WPA General assembly, Buenos Aires 2011, PABH delegate on the EPA NPAs Council, Prague 2012 and PABH delegate on the PAEEB General assembly, Belgrade 2012). He is also a member of other professional association in Republic of Srpska, B&H and internationally. He took active part in the Associations of young psychiatrists (Early Careers) in Bosnia and Herzegovina and WAYPT, until 2012.

Spetial fields of interest are early interventions in psychiatry, mood disorders, community psychiatry, biological psychiatry and working with specific users groups. He coordinates in the matters of mental health, than domestic violence and also sertification and acreditation processes in Public Health Center Prijedor. He created a specialized programme for health professionals (not only mental health professionals) in the field of domestic violence (2011), which make his institution as the best example of the good practice in whole health sector in Republic of Srpska. With the CMHC team implements ongoing preventive program with interactive psychological workshops about drug abuse and addiction in the elementary schools (since 2010).

He has very active role in actual, reform Project of mental health in B&H, as the external associate in more components of the Project, particulary in those directed on issues of destigmatization and users services and initiatives.

He was one of two Coordinators for Bosnia an Herzegovina in EURO BOSS Study.

He uses actively local languages and English.