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Nermana Mehić-Basara

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Doctor of Medical Sciences, neuropsychiatrist, primarius

Director of the Institute for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse of Canton Sarajevo

Born 1957 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she lives and works. Graduated at the Medical Faculty of the University of Sarajevo in 1981. Residency examination in neuropsychiatry passed in 1989 in Sarajevo.

Master thesis defended in 2007 and in 2012 doctoral dissertation with title: "The Association of the Dopamine Receptor Gene Polymorphs and Psychological Dimensions of Personality in the Development of Opiate Addiction."

The period of the war 1992-1995 spent in besieged Sarajevo and was actively involved in the work of teams for psychological assistance and support to local population and refugees.

Since 1995 is the WHO Coordinator for addictions in FB&H appointed by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Since 1997-2003 within the process of Mental Health Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina she was the coordinator for the Project „Community Mental Health“ which made a significant impact.

In 2003 was a founding member of the group for the establishment of the Association of South-East European Addiction Network and from 2005 by 2007 was the President of this association.

In 2004 won the prestigious „Nyswander Marie-Dole Award“ by the American Association for the treatment of opiate addiction (AATOD).

Since 2007 member of the European Association for the treatment of opiate addicts (EUROPAD - European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association).

From 2007 - 2012, President of Expert Team for the development and implementation of the „Program for monitoring, prevention and treatment of demobilized soldiers and their families from PTSD in Canton Sarajevo“.

During the postwar period was a member of the expert group for drafting the National Strategy for combating addiction and Revised Policies and Strategies of mental health in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Actively participated in more than 50 national, regional and international conferences, was the organizer of several conferences on mental health, as well as a member of the Organizing Committee of the First (2003) and Second (2007) Congress of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She has published 14 scientific papers in the field of substance abuse, community mental health and post-traumatic stress disorder in the relevant scientific journals.

As an author and co-author participated in the development of 12 professional guides, publications and books in these fields.