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Esmina Avdibegović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neuropsychiatrist, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of Tuzla was born in 1957. She graduated in 1981 at the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo. She ended her specialisation in neuropsychiatry in 1991 in Sarajevo. At the Faculty of Medicine University of Tuzla she took her post graduating studies and obtained her master’s degree in the field of suicidology, as well as her Ph.D. which regarded a subject in the field of women’s mental health. She is a subspecialist in social psychiatry. She completed a training for group analyst at the Institute for group analysis in Zagreb. Currently, she works as a psychiatrist and group analyst at the Clinic for Psychiatry at the University Clinical Centre in Tuzla. Moreover, she teaches at the Faculty of Medicine, Educational – rehabilitation faculty and the Department for social work at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Tuzla. She published several scientific and professional papers, as well as several book chapters in the field of psychiatry and neurology. She is a member of several psychiatric and psychotherapy associations. She is involved in the reform processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina that regards mental health services, engaged in strengthening user’s organisations, and through non-governmental organisations she is also involved in providing support and help for victims and survivors of genocide, torture and war trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina.