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Lilijana Oruč

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Currently holding the position of Director at the Institute for scientific research and development at the Clinical Center, University of Sarajevo and is the professor of psychiatry at Medical faculty, University of Sarajevo. Over thirty years of her professional experience was devoted to treating patients with mental disorders at Psychiatric clinic, at the Clinical Center, University of Sarajevo.

Apart from her clinical work she has been actively involved in scientific research in the areas of clinical and biological psychiatry, and especially, in the field of psychiatric genetics. One hunder and seven scientific and professional articles, three books and twelve chapters in other books were published.

As the main investigator she has been involved in eighteen scientific and research projects and was invited and plenary lecturer at numerous domestic and international congresses and seminars.

The medical degree was obtained at Medical faculty, University of Sarajevo, in 1980. Five years later her specialization in neurology and psychiatry was completed.

She earned her masters degree at Medical faculty, University of Sarajevo, in 1990.

At the University of Antwerp, Belgium, she spent four years as a Ph.D. candidate under mentorship of Prof. Christine Van Broeckhoven and defended her doctorate thesis titled "Identification of Genes predisposing to Mood Disorders using Genetic Asssociation Studies", in 1997.