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Ivana Timotijević


Professor of Medicine at Belgrade University School of Medicine, a specialist in neuropsychiatry and clinical pharmacology, most of her working life she spent at the Institute of Mental Health and as director of the Clinic for Psychiatry of the Clinical Center "Dr D. Mišović", dealing with biological psychiatry and pharmacotherapy. As the first Serbian clinical psychopharmacologist, she founded the Center for psychopharmacotherapy at the Institute of Mental Health. The Center was working for many years successfully, treating the clinical manifestations of psychiatric disorders correlated with biochemical equivalents, biological markers, and psychoactive drugs. Bipolar affective disorders and depression is closely field of professional and scientific interests of Professor Dr. Ivan Timotijević. After training in Copenhagen and Aarhus with Prof. Mogens Skou, in nineties, she established the first counseling for bipolar affective disorders, implementation and monitoring of lithium. Authentic interest and desire to help people suffering from severe mental illnesses such as depression, to stop recidivism and ensure adequate quality of life has opened many roads in the study of psychotropic drugs, pharmacokinetics of lithium and antidepressants, brought awards and diplomas. Prof. Dr. Ivana Timotijević author of three books - with Prof. Dr. VR Paunovic "Clinical assessment instruments in psychiatry" (three editions), "Lithium and affective disorders" (two editions) and "Pharmacotherapy - selected chapters" (two editions). She has published numerous chapters in textbooks and monographs, over 150 professional and scientific papers in reputable journals. She has worked with prominent local and foreign experts.