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Dragan Babić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born in June 10th1958. in Živinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Medical Faculty (MF) finished 1984th, neuropsychiatry specialization 1995th, MA 2000th, Ph.D. 2005th on Medical faculty in Tuzla. Since 1995. lives in Mostar and is employed at the Department of Psychiatry Clinical Hospital Mostar, and since 2009. works at the Psychiatric Clinic, where is currently distributed to the head of the department of psychiatry emergency and intensive care. Since the establishment of Medical faculty in Mostar works as assistant for clinical propedeutic and psychiatry, and then as a lecturer on subjects Psychiatry and Medical Psychology (undergraduate) and Rational Pharmacotherapy, and basics of general psychopathology and behavioral Medicine (postgraduate). 2007. was promoted as assistant profesor of psychiatry at MF University of Mostar.

Since 2007. is the head of Department in case of Psychiatry, the Faculty of Health Studies (FZS), and a lecturer at the “Group Therapy”. From 2009. at the same faculty holds the position of Dean for Academic Affairs.

At the Department of Social Work, (FF) in Mostar since 2009. is Head of Department Social case work with addicts and a lecturer at the Social Psychiatry.

So far, the author and coauthor of over 100 professional and scientific articles published in national and international journals, of which 21 are in Pubmed (5 CC and 13 SCI / SSCI) at national and international congresses and symposium, and author of chapters in five books. Project manager of Metabolic syndrome and physical illness in psychiatric patients for which he received the support of the Federal Ministry for Science. On several occasions, he performed at many international and national congresses as an invited lecturer. Mentor five master theses, three doctoral dissertations and 30 theses of students MF, FZS and FF. Vice-President of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, President of the General Assembly for biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology Federation. President of the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium Mostar psychiatric Saturday since 2004. to 2011 and President of the Organizing Committee for BiH 23rd Congress of Psychiatric Danube countries which was held in Mostar in 2008. He completed numerous training in psychiatry: psichotraumatology, addiction, suicide, group psychoanalysis ... He is married and lives with his wife and two children. Fluent in English.