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Mostar, 9. juni 2018.


Klinika za psihijatriju, Sveučilišna klinička bolnica Mostar

Medicinski fakultet, Sveučilište u Mostaru

Fakultet zdravstvenih studija, Sveučilište u Mostaru


Udruženje psihijatara u Bosni i Hercegovini

Liječnička komora Hercegovačko-neretvanske županije

Congress pictures/Fotografija sa Kongresa-Banja Luka 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Pictures from the IV Congress of Psychiatry with international participation (Banja Luka, 16-19 November 2017) are available


Congress Organizing Committee

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

fotografije sa IV Kongresa psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem (Banja Luka, 16. - 19. novembar 2017) možete pregledati na linku


Kongresni Organizacioni odbor

IV Kongres psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine- Knjiga apstrakata/Book of Abstracts-IV Congress of Psychiatry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

Knjigu apstrakata sa IV Kongresa psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem (Banja Luka, 16. - 19. novembar 2017)možete pregledati i sačuvati ako osjetite


Dear Colleagues,

the Book of Abstracts of IV Congress of Psychiatry of Bosnia and Herzegovina with international articipation (Banja Luka, 16 - 19 November 2018) is available on


Novi datum- Makedonski psihijatrijski kongres 2018


   Dear Colleagues,

  It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to join us at the WPA Co-sponsored  6th  Macedonian Psychiatric Congress and International Meeting Psychiatry and Mental Health in 21st Centurywhich will take place in Ohrid, Macedonia, from 31 October to 3 November 2018.

We believe that the city of Ohrid, which is the source of our culture, spirituality and very early treatment of mentally ill people, is the perfect place tobring together psychiatrists and mental health professionals from all over the world. We hope to provide a pleasant environment in which we can exchange our experiences and knowledge about the challenges in psychiatry and mental health at the beginning of 21 century.

The Scientific Program Sessions will be in English and Macedonian language (with simultaneous translation of all the Plenary Sessions and Symposia).

Looking forward to greeting you in Ohrid in 2018. 

President of Psychiatric Association of Macedonia
Prof. Dr. Dimitar Bonevski, MD PhD


World Psychiatry

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