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 u saradnji sa Klinikom za psihijatriju Univerzitetskog kliničkog centra Tuzla

organizuje internacionalni simpozij




Liječenje u psihijatriji: aktuelnosti i dileme

Tuzla, 18. - 19. oktobar 2019.





in collaboration with Department for Psychiatry,

University Clinical Center Tuzla

organizes International Symposium




Treatment in Psychiatry: Actualities and Dilemmas

Tuzla, 18th -19th October 2019


Kontakt i informacije

Contact and information

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Klinika za psihijatriju, UKC Tuzla

Department for Psychiatry,

University Clinical Center Tuzla

Rate Dugonjića bb

75000 Tuzla, BiH/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel./Fax.: +387 35 268 011

Mob.: +387 61 656 608

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Šesnaesta Mostarska psihijatrijska subota

"Ličnost u psihijatriji:značenje u prevenciji, nastanku i liječenju duševnih smetnji"

Mostar, 1. lipanj/juni 2019.


XVII Psihijatrijatrijski dani Bosne i Hercegovine

"Liječenje u psihijatriji: aktuelnosti i dileme"

Tuzla, 18. - 19. oktobar/listopad 2019.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




WCP 2019


The 19th World Congress of Psychiatry


21-24 August, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal


Website: https://2019.wcp-congress.com/


The 19th World Congress of Psychiatry (WCP 2019) will take place August 21-24 in Lisbon, Portugal. This is a unique multidisciplinary forum for colleagues from around the world to meet and discuss a variety of topics, generating stimulating debates and fruitful collaborations. Join leading experts and other allied healthcare professionals for this outstanding opportunity to take part in educational sessions and networking opportunities.


Dear Colleagues,


We are delighted to invite you to the 23rd Congress of the World Association of Social Psychiatry at Bucharest October 25-28, 2019. As you know, this is a special occasion for all of us including our member societies, social psychiatrists and mental health professionals all over the world to meet together and engage in scientific deliberations. As you know, we are coming to Bucharest after our highly successful 22nd World Congress at New Delhi-2016.

The theme of the Congress, Social determinants of mental health and access to care is contemporary and relevant.  It reflects our concern for mental health in this age of globalization, commercialization and the merging of boundaries between nations. Despite rapid advances in all fields, enough attention has not been devoted to the social determinants of mental health. And access to care remains severely limited in most parts of the world including high income countries. Our world is changing as never before, which has profound implications for mental health. We are sure the deliberations of the Congress will give us newer insights into the emerging dynamics in all these areas.

World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP) is one of the oldest global mental health organizations. Having been founded in London in 1965, now we have number societies from all parts of the globe. The Romanian Association of Psychiatry and the Romanian Association of Social Psychiatry are hosting this Congress. Let me thank them and especially Prof. Doina Cozman and Dr. Alexandru Paziuc for the invitation and for their hard work in organizing this event.

We will have four days of rich scientific programme with invited lectures, symposia, workshops, free papers and posters. There will be also be cultural events and get together which will be very entertaining to you and families.

Let me specially thank my fellow members of the EC Prof. Rachid Bannegadi (President Elect), Prof. Fernando Lolas (Secretary General), Marianne Kastrup (Treasurer)  and our advisors Prof. Eliot Sorel and Prof. Tom Craig. Our PCO PROevents and Conference and its leaders Dr. Theodor Badiu and Alina Puscas deserve our special appreciation.  


Hearty welcome, once again!


Prof. Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

President, World Association of Social Psychiatry



Demencija OHRID 2019-WPA Thematic Congress

Dear Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to call your attention to a WPA sponsored Thematic Congress which will take place in Ohrid, Macedonia, on 15 - 18 May 2019. The Congress is organized by the Psychiatric Association of Macedonia (FYROM) and the World Psychiatric Association. The Congress in Ohrid is entitled

“Dementia: Psychiatric and Neurological Challenges and Perspectives“ 


It will be the first WPA-sponsored Thematic Congress on Dementia in the Western Balkans and Europe, and will be chaired by the President of the WPA, Professor Helen Herrman (Australia). Professor Dr. Antoni Novotni (Chair of the Organizing Committee) and the Organizing Committee are making arrangements for a very successful meeting that would attract a large number of participants. Their  objectives are to build a professional network in the region, to improve dementia care including diagnosis, management and carer support, and to push the implementation of a national dementia strategy. One of WPA ideas connected with this Congress is to deliver the Ohrid Declaration on Dementia.    

We would request you to kindly support our Macedonian colleagues by participating in the Ohrid conference. We may add that  the city of Ohrid is a spectacularly located at lake Ohrid - one of the oldest lakes on the planet and is an UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage site.            

Looking forward to seeing you in Macedonia,

With kind regards,


Dr. Afzal Javed,                                                               Prof. dr. Antoni Novotni,

WPA President Elect,                                        Chair of the Organizing Committee

Chair of the Scientific Committee                                               




EPA 2019 Registration Fees

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Od ovoga Kongresa izmijenjene su i cijene kotizacije za učešće na ovom prestižnom Kongresu te učesnici iz Bosne i Hercegovine imaju bitnije redukovanu cijenu kotizacije (do 200 Euro niže u odnosu na prošlu godinu)

Detaljnije informacije preko web stranice (klikom na baner na vrhu ovoga teksta)


Dear Colleagues

Also, from Warsaw Congress participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina have significantly reduced Registration Fee (up to 200 Euro comparing prices for Florence2018 Congress) All information about Congres please follow the link provded ater click on banner (bellow).

cid:<span id=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." />

FENS Regional Meeting - Belgrade 2019







Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Serbian Neuroscience Society, National Neuroscience Society of Romania and Neuroscience Society of Turkey, we have a great pleasure to welcome you to the FENS Regional Meeting 2019 (FRM2019) which will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, 10 – 13 July 2019.


These three societies come together for the first time with the aim of boosting the development of neuroscience in the entire region by organizing a meeting with an exciting programme reflecting the latest discoveries and technological developments.


FENS President Barry Everitt welcomes this choice which strengthens the importance of regional meetings: “It is fundamental for FENS to support these national events, which play a key role in the neuroscience community at the national level. The collaboration of different societies has guaranteed successful and fruitful meetings in the past and I look forward to following the developments in the Serbia-Romania-Turkey collaboration and discovering the excellent scientific programme the organizers will prepare.”


FRM2019 will be organized on the best possible academic and professional level, due to long tradition of Belgrade in organizing such events. Belgrade has become an important conference, cultural and business centre in the region. It is centrally located in Europe at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers and thus presents the hub of all regional activities allowing participants to easily combine their travels with excellent connections across by car, bus, air or railway. Great value-for-money and low travel costs without any visa requirements will give possibility especially for young researchers from all over the world to attend the meeting and get acquainted with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience. At the same time, we believe that Belgrade meeting would be attractive for sponsors that want to gain advantage on this lowly saturated market.


We expect FRM2019 to bring together international delegates from all over the world.


Therefore, we would like to invite you to the FRM2019 in Belgrade to enjoy with us excellent science in an inspiring environment.


We look forward to welcome you in Serbia.

Selma Kanazir
Chair of the FRM2019 Organizing Committee


IFMAD 2019 Vienna



-IFMAD has developed the reputation over many years of being the most interactive, stimulating and productive educational meeting in its field in Europe and since 2015 we are providing an even more comprehensive scientific and educational programme. In a friendly atmosphere difficult clinical challenges are dissected, discussed and reformulated with high ranking experts to achieve the best evidence based path to treatment in depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. To avoid bias, our educational program is completely independent from pharmaceutical support. IFMAD will provide an opportunity to listen to leading experts who will provide up to date news on the most recent developments in Mood and Anxiety disorders. 


-IFMAD 2019 topics will include: New findings on lithium, Nutritional psychiatry as it relates to mood disorders, Advances in treating bipolar depression and mixed states, Discussion on the on-line survey, Valproate in women of child bearing potential, Enduring effect of psychotherapy versus medication in anxiety disorders ,Hypochondriasis as an OCD disorder (ICD11)-Therapeutic implications, Personalized treatment of TRD, Esketamine in TRD-can esketamine snuff out suicidal thoughts, Advances in the treatment of TRD, Advances in technology and digital Psychiatry, Can we reopen blocked genetic pathways in TRD, New antipsychotics in the treatment of depression, Baclofen in anxiety disorders with alcohol dependence, Treatment of disorders of problematic use of internet, Inflammation in mood and anxiety disorders-Therapeutic implications.
The Organizer kindly offers possibility of the 15% discount of Registration Fee for the Conference as a part of our traditional mutual collaboration and promotion (reserved for active/regular members of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina)


Knjiga Apstrakata i fotografije/Book of Abstracts and Pictures Gallery

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

na početnoj stranici (klikni na baner iznad) web stranice Međunarodne konferencije XVI Psihijatrijski dani Bosne i Hercegovine (Banja Luka, 21. - 23. septembar 2018) možete vidjeti galeriju konferencijskih fotografija i Knjigu apstrakata.

Direktni linkovi:



Knjiga apstrakata


Dear Colleagues,

please find on the Homepage (click to banner above) of the 16th Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina Pictures Gallery and Book of Abstracts

or use direct links



Book of Abstracts




EPA Council of the NPAs Symposium Banja Luka 2018

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

po prvi put u Bosni i Hercegovini uspješno je održan Simpozijum Savjeta nacionanih psihijatrijskih udruženja pri Evropskoj psihijatrijskoj asocijaciji (EPA Council of the NPAs), tokom internacionalnog Simpozijuma XVI Psihijatrijski dani Bosne i Hercegovine, u Banjoj Luci. Udruženje psihijatara u Bosni i Hercegovini (UPuBiH) bilo je domaćin predsjednici EPA, predsjedavajućem i kopredsjedavajućem Savjeta, koji su zajedno sa predsjednicom UPuBiH govoriti na temu "Komorbiditet: izazovi u dijagnostikovanju i tretmanu"

Brošuru sa informacijama o ovom važnom događaju pogledajte na


Lokalni organizacioni odbor


Dear Colleagues,

we are very honored to announce that  Syposium of the European Psychiatric Association Council of the National Psychiatric Associations (EPA Council of the NPAs), for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been be held during the 16th Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Banja Luka.

The Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (PABH) hosted EPA President, Professor Silvana Galderisi, EPA NPAs Council leaders (Professor Tamas Kurimay, Chair of the Steering Committee, and Professor Simavi Vahip, Co-Chair of the Steering Committe) whose jointly with President of the PABH, Professor Marija Burgic-Radmanovic, disscused about the topic

"Comorbidity: Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment".  

Brochure with information of this important event is possible to find on


Local Organizing Committee

NOVO! XVI Psihijatrijski dani 2018-16th Days 2018 website


Kliknite na baner iznad i direktno pristupite web stranici Simpozijuma

Informacije o godišnjem Simpozijumu Udruženja psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem, XVI Psihijatrijski dani Bosne i Hercegovine (Banja Luka, 21. - 23. septembar 2018) od sada su dostupne i na web stranici Simpozijuma www.upbih16dani.com

Za sve dodatne informacije, molimo pišite na: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dobro došli u Banja Luku u septembru!

Organizacioni odbor


Please, click to banner bellow for direct link to website

All information about 16th Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Banja Luka, September 21 - 23, 2018) are available at www.upbih16dani.com

For more information please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome in Banja Luka in September!

Organizing Committee

Congress pictures/Fotografija sa Kongresa-Banja Luka 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Pictures from the IV Congress of Psychiatry with international participation (Banja Luka, 16-19 November 2017) are available


Congress Organizing Committee

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

fotografije sa IV Kongresa psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem (Banja Luka, 16. - 19. novembar 2017) možete pregledati na linku


Kongresni Organizacioni odbor

IV Kongres psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine- Knjiga apstrakata/Book of Abstracts-IV Congress of Psychiatry of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Poštovane koleginice i kolege,

Knjigu apstrakata sa IV Kongresa psihijatara Bosne i Hercegovine sa međunarodnim učešćem (Banja Luka, 16. - 19. novembar 2017)možete pregledati i sačuvati ako osjetite


Dear Colleagues,

the Book of Abstracts of IV Congress of Psychiatry of Bosnia and Herzegovina with international articipation (Banja Luka, 16 - 19 November 2018) is available on


World Psychiatry

Sve brojeve World Psychiatry mozete pogledati na





Vodiče Evropske psihijatrijske asocijacije (EPA) možete pregledati na linku


Ovi vodiči su objavljeni u zvaničnom časopisu EPA, European Psychiatry.

Трећи Конгрес психијатара Босне и Херцеговине

Интернетска страница Трећег конгреса психијатара Босне и Херцеговине са међународним учешћем, ко-спонзорисаног од стране Свјетске психијатријске асоцијације и под патронатом Европске психијатријске асоцијације


Web site of the Third Congress of Psychiatrists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with International participation (Co-sponsored by World Psychiatric Association- WPA and Under the patronage of the European Psychiatric Association- EPA)


 rad na rekonstrukciji i redizajnu sajta je u toku