Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

Fifty Years of Psychiatry in Its Context

Dragan Denelišen (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Challenges in Maintenance and Improvement of Mental Health

Slobodan Loga (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Treatment of Early Psychosis – the Challenge of Modern and Future Psychiatry

Afzal Javed (United Kingdom)

Future of Psychiatry: Challenges and Opportunities

Bulent Coskun (Turkey)

Community Based Mental Health Services in Turkey

Michel Botbol (France)

How Today Psychoanalysis Can Contribute to Modern Psychiatry?

Miroslava Jašović-Gašić (Serbia)

Did the Results of Our Researches Have Any Influence on Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures in Schizophrenia?

Miro Jakovljević (Croatia)

Placebo and Nocebo from the Perspective of Creative Psycopharmacotherapy and Evidence-Based Medicine

Gordana Milavić (United Kingdom)

Promotion and Prevention of Mental Health in Primary Schools with a Focus on Recognition of Depressive Disorders

Silvana Markovska-Simoska (Macedonia FYR)

Functional Neuromarkers of Psychiatric Disorders: Current Status and Prospects

Armida Mucci (Italy)

Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Assessment and Treatment Perspectives

Shahid M Ahmad (United Kingdom)

Adolescent Depression

Stojan Bajraktarov (Macedonia FYR)

Modalities of Brain Stimulation Therapies

Marija Burgić-Radmanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Psychosocial Stress in Development of Cardiovascular Diseases in the Young People

Dimitar Bonevski (Macedonia FYR)

Trauma and Anxiety Disorders Throughout Lifespan

Lidija Injac Stevović (Montenegro)

Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

Vlado Jukić (Croatia)

Forensic Psychiatry in Croatia and Its Importance in the Protection of Rights of Persons with Mental Disorders

Abdulah Kučukalić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bipolar Disorder – Cognitive Deficit and Its Treatment

Izet Pajević (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

What is the “Complete Mental Wellbeing Condition”?

Dragan Babić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Addictions Without Drugs: Cotemporary Addictions or Way of Life?

Marija Raleva (Macedonia FYR)

Early Life Stress: A Key Link Between Childhood Adversity and Risk of Suicide

Olivera Vuković (Serbia)

Psychocardiology and Contextual Cardiology – the Importance of the “Hearts in Interaction”

Alma Džubur Kulenović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Molecular Mechanisms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: DAAD Project – Establishing Sustainable Research Consortium in South Eastern Europe

Petar Nastasić (Serbia)

The New Paradigm in Treatment of Addictions

Andrej Kastelic (Slovenia)

New World - New Challenges for Mental Health Professionals

Zoran Zoričić (Croatia)

Controversies and Challenges of Modern Addictology

Nermana Mehić-Basara (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Predisposition for the Occurrence of Addiction of Psychoactive Substances - Psychological Factors

Aleksandra Dickov (Serbia)

Psychotic Disorders Caused by Cannabis

Nera Zivlak-Radulović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Is Impulsivity a Personality Trait of Alcohol Abusers or the Consequence of Addiction?

Liljana Ignjatova (Macedonia FYR)

Assessment of Drug Dependence Treatment Quality Standards for Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Republic of Macedonia

Milan Stojaković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Internet Addiction in the Population of Students of Medical, Economic and Law Faculty in Banja Luka

Milica Pejović-Milovančević (Serbia)

Early Development, the Importance of Early Recognition of Developmental Disturbances and Early Interventions

Mira Spremo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Quality of Life, Physical Health and Negative Emotional States of Parents of Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Alija Sutović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Future, Power and Weakness of Psychiatry in Globalization of Wars, Migration and Terror

Miro Klarić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Relationship between Early Traumatization with the Onset and Course of Psychotic Disorders

Esmina Avdibegović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Twenty Years of Mental Health Service Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Where are we?

Goran Račetović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Community Mental Health Center: Quality of Psychiatry in the Community